Friday, January 3, 2014

The Beau Hunk's Back In Town

Do you remember the Beau Hunk? It's been awhile.

The Beau Hunk's back in town.

His name has been banished from our home. We've tired of calling him "the one who's name must not be spoken", so he's been simply diminished to "Voldemort".

In the past six months, Voldemort has taken to stalking our daughter. In turn, I have taken to stalking him on Facebook.

Via Facebook, I learned that he was recently discharged from the Marines. That's no shocker to either myself or my husband. We had very little confidence he would make it through four years of taking orders from someone else.

He is back on his regimin of steriods, working out, and tanning. According to his public Facebook page, he is prepping to enter a series of bodybuilding competitions, working as a model (HA!), and applying to colleges.

That's right. He's applying to colleges.

I'll allow you one guess as to which university he's applying to.

Last night at dinner, I told Hubs we need to get our daughter out of there. It's time to transfer.

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